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Our Aircraft Fuel Tank Repair Team

Whilst we’re at the forefront of modern aviation, we pride ourselves on good old fashioned support.

People are at the heart of our business and our team are highly skilled, knowledgeable, well-established and on standby 24/7.

Team Profiles

At every level, our team have the experience and expertise to get you back in the air as quickly and safely as possible. We’re proud to be able to say that we’ve retained engineering talent who started with us at the beginning in 2003. You can read about some of the team below.

Colin Green

Sales Director
07802 378351

​With an engineering base and qualifications in the Electronics and Automotive sectors, Colin joined MPI in 1987 as a recruitment consultant at MPI’s head office in Hertford.

Having worked successfully supplying MPI’s established clients, his reputation for supporting clients in an efficient and friendly manner enabled a natural development of new business. Within two years he was asked to open a new regional office in Telford becoming the Branch Manager.

Colin’s enthusiasm developed a new handpicked dynamic team in the office and new client accounts laying the foundations till the office became a successful standalone business supplying companies such as British Rail Engineering Limited and British Aerospace up and down the country.

He was appointed Director in 2000 relocating back to head office. Specialising in expanding our Rolling Stock and Aviation client base to include Train Operating Companies, Airlines and Maintenance Repair Organisations.

Colin has been a key driver of the development of our verification and competence systems. He is also well known for embracing change and is relentless in the continual improvement of the MPI services to both our clients and contractors .

Above all, Colin has a straightforward, clear approach to business with a focus on long term client satisfaction.

Adam Webb

Commercial, Quality & Sustainability Director
07889 917061

​Adam joined MPI in 1990 and has executive accountability for bid management as well as maintaining the company’s quality and environmental systems. As a member of the senior management team, he is responsible for developing policies, procedures and documented information, ensuring regulatory and statutory compliance and for key client liaison. He is also tasked with ensuring that the benefits of working with MPI are communicated effectively through pre-sales activities including formulating proposals, leading presentations and negotiations.

Over the years, Adam has worked hard to ensure our services continue to meet the requirements of our customers and has helped to drive change throughout the business by developing and implementing modern recruitment systems and practices, which in turn have assisted MPI in setting itself apart from its competitors.

He developed and maintains MPI’s ISO:9001 quality and ISO:14001 environmental management systems and steered the aviation division to transitioning to AS9100D 14 months before the deadline.

Adam has over 30 years of expertise in the recruitment sector, including business strategy and development, multi-location operations management, key account management, marketing, quality and training and development. He is qualified in management and business performance coaching and lectured in management and HR practices for over 15 years.

Tom Power

Aircraft Operations Manager
07501 250817

Tom started life as an aircraft apprentice in Filton and shortly after graduating came to work with MPI as a contractor in 2003. Making the move away from engineering a few years later Tom moved to work for a large DIY retail company.

In 2009 Tom returned to MPI as administrator helping with training and quality. In 2015 Tom was promoted to aircraft operations co-ordinator and started working closely with our fuel tank team liaising between clients, operations and finance to ensure smooth processes.

In 2022 Tom was then promoted to Aircraft Operations Manager and is now the key point of contact for any fuel tank enquiries. Tom also still works with our quality director for our AS9100: revision D and AS 9001 standards to ensure we continue to achieve excellence.

Outside of work you will often find Tom playing football and is currently captain of his local team near Bristol having played with them since 2001, showing the loyalty Tom has at his heart. The rest of the time Tom will be spending time with his family and running his two sons around!

Kevin Wilson

Lead Engineer

Kev completed his aircraft apprenticeship with British Aerospace in 1976 and later moved into contracting. Kev enjoyed contracts all over the world with MPI and other companies and was a firm favourite, often asked for by name due to his expertise.

In 2003, after noticing a pattern in requests for fuel tank repairs, Kev spoke to the management at MPI about forming a dedicated fuel tank repair team to support our clients, and so the team was formed. Kev was involved in the very first job in September 2003 and has supported many clients all over the world ever since and we are so pleased he is still with us 20 years later!

Outside of work Kev enjoys watching a variety of sports both live and on television.

James Donald

Team Leader

Jim undertook an aircraft apprenticeship with the RAF in 1983 where he served his term. After leaving the RAF Jim started contracting around the world and quickly became an expert in fuel tank repairs on many aircraft types.

In 2003 Jim joined MPI as an aircraft fitter but when the decision was made to form a fuel tank team Jim was an obvious recruit. Alongside Kev, Jim was involved in our first ever repair and his expertise was and is so valuable. Jim is very knowledgeable on aircraft and loves to work on any aircraft, but particularly enjoys working on something new and building on his knowledge and expertise. What Jim doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!

Outside of work Jim can’t get enough of engineering and will mostly be found working on car maintenance and repairs!

Our Clients Say:


MPI are experts in Aerospace Quality standards, having received initial certification to AS9110. We expanded our accreditation in 2012 to AS9100C and, as pioneers, became the first company to transition to AS9100D 2016, a full year ahead of the deadline.

Keeping client needs in focus, this transition was utilised to comprehensively enhance our quality management system, implementing numerous effective new procedures, processes, and documents in line with the new standard.

With roots in ISO 9001 certification since 1995, and an extension to AS 9100 from 2008, MPI encapsulates the essential elements of ISO9001:2015. We go above and beyond to align with global aerospace standards in regulatory compliance.

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